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17 July 2017

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Tea is a thing. What’s best for you?

Tea is a thing. What’s best for you?

As a proud member of the last Oregon Trail generation, I possess within me a nice balance with the analog and digital side of life. Not only do we experience changes in technology, but we, as a society determine what is now considered healthy, socially acceptable and of course trendy. Thirty years ago, I was a little girl watching her mama drink instant coffee. Yes…instant coffee. I would have never considered tea to be a thing, since I never saw any version of it besides the infamous Lipton on a sunny Summer day – I pretty much had no frame of reference. Today, tea is in fact a thing. A big thing. Not just for those long summer days and outdoor bar-b-ques, but for just about every day, every meal and health condition you can think of. I have, of course joined the tea revolution and frequent my favorite herbalist on a regular basis. Tea is a beautiful thing, and you don’t have to hire a specialist to enjoy. Whether you are looking to regulate your blood pressure, lose some water weight or just want a tasty hot or cold beverage that will energize your body – tea is your friend. Of course, like anything; quality is of the utmost importance. So check out the labels and manufacturer before partaking.


Here are some favorites:
Black Tea

Black tea is made from the Camellia sinesis leaf and is the most oxidized of teas. There are numerous benefits of consuming black tea, including increased alertness and energy (due to caffeine and theophylline) and contains polyphenols, which help protect the body’s cells from damage in the DNA. Black tea has many varieties, so research to find the best for you.












TEAVANA Black Dragon Pearl Black Tea






White Tea

The white tea varieties are more light in taste and have been studied to reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder and has anti-aging properties.




TEAVANA Silver White Needle Tea






STASH Mutan White Tea






Green Tea

You may know of green tea because of it’s caffeine content, but there is so much more to its benefits. Green tea is known to increase brain function, improve mood, vigilance and memory.





NUMI Jasmine Green Tea







Specialty Teas

There are a plethora of specialty teas available today – each with its own focus, such as hormone regulation, weight management and stress reduction.





YOGI – Women’s Raspberry Leaf  Tea







SKINNY FIT – Detox Tea





No matter what tea you choose to include in your diet; remember to always drink the highest quality available to you and to..enjoy!

A sought-after women’s fitness expert, well-being coach, business coach, speaker and writer; Kenya Moses has been featured in a number of publications, including Essence Magazine, PopSugar, eHow, Livestrong, Thriving Women in Business Magazine to name a few. In 2010 she published her first book, Be A Fit Mama: The Essential Pregnancy Stretch Manual, and will publish her newest book The Single Mama’s Guide to Getting Sh*t Done in 2017.

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