I know, I know! What could possibly be wrong with me that I don’t enjoy the taste of this super-hydrating, potassium rich, naturally fat and cholesterol free drink? Truth be told, I don’t believe all coconut waters are equal, and in my experience as a hydration connoisseur, I have been rarely impressed by the taste and quality of most coconut waters. I can honestly say that up until a month ago, I had not tasted a coconut water that could rival the taste of a freshly chilled coconut off the beaches of Mazunte. But imagine my surprise when I was given the opportunity to taste the coconut water of California-based company, Coco Libre, that showed me just how much I had been missing.


I can become like my 5 year old son when trying new foods or drinks. First you smell it, then you trepidatiously touch your tongue to it, and hope for the best. This was sort of my approach to my first Coco Libre water experience, but I quickly moved passed that into “Oh, my goodness!” mode.


Coco Libre coconut water is unlike any other brands I’ve tried. With a handful of flavors and protein drinks, you have options when it comes to your palate preference – plus they are organic, fair trade, and produced from sustainable agriculture. The five drinks I tried include Coco Libre’s Original Coconut Water, Pineapple Coconut Water, Almond Protein, Vanilla Protein and Chocolate Protein Drinks. Amongst the five coconut water drinks, I would have to say my favorite is the Chocolate Protein, which sort of felt like eating a dessert without the guilt. With only 130 calories, 20+ grams of protein and chalk full of electrolytes; I was in a chocolate-y heaven. My next favorite is the Pineapple Coconut Water for its subtleness and refreshing taste once it’s been chilled and thoroughly shaken. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed all of Coco Libre’s coconut water libations. Of course some more than others; but considering just a month ago I would run from the hills if someone offered me coconut water; I would say this was definitely a positive endeavor!

You can find Coco Libre in most health food and grocery stores. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Especially all you coconut water nay-sayers like me! :-)


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Disclaimer: This honest review of Coco Libre Coconut Water was provided in exchange of a complimentary product samples.